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Choosing the right Hoist for the job; Wire Rope Hoists vs Chain Hoists

Chain Hoists are usually for smaller capacities, up to 5T. They are often paired with light overhead cranes, Jib cranes, or manual gantry crane. Chain hoists are often paired with a manuel trolley. A manual trolley (right hand side picture) is a trolley with no motor. These often make sense for chain hoists and are a very economical option. Since most chain hoists are under 5T, it is easy for the hoist operator to manually move the hoist with this trolley. We also carry many brands of chain hoists such as Kito Hoists, Vulcan Hoists, Stahl Hoists and others. Please do not hesitate to reach us for a tailored recommendation on the best hoist for your need.

Wire Rope Hoists are the most common type of hoist found on Overhead Cranes. Our line of R&M spacemaster hoist also offer an industry leading headroom, making them an ideal choice when we need to optimize lifting height.


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